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   Points of Light   

...all alone on that road again, searching for that sound, for that voice, motion, vibration: “I am
music. Yes, I know...I whole body, every single part of me is just vibrating...that`s
music; always, everywhere, continuously...”
Exhaling music... but not alone,  together. Together, exhaling and inhaling music, and then it
all becomes clear: “This is what we hear inside, this is what we feel in our bones, that sound,
that beat, that external-internal vibration...”
Now they can see Light, become Light, join as Light.
They project and share the Light as Points of Light.
Join with Points of Light and experience how music is enLightening you being your own
self. Become another point of Light.

Zane and Andor share these experiences with the listener. Their musical conversations are
based on the most important essences of humanity:
existence, love and awareness.
Zane Massey`s songs and compositions offer the concept of infinity in which to explore their
infinite vibrations.
Andor with his earthy authentic sound, essential attacks, and grooves provides rough beats
and buzzes, which accompany Zane`s motions as he waves through the ultimate of jazz
tradition with his soulful, spiritual sound.
Their acoustic performance appears as points of Light in the darkness...just close your
eyes...and listen...
This acoustic saxophone-bass duo invites the listener to become the point of Light of their
own life and a Light for the rest of the world, just by listening and sharing sounds, motions,
beauty, love and awareness...

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